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We had new Alside windows put in our house September 2013. The noise was incredible!!

We contacted the guy who put them in and his response??-He's heard that windows 'whistle" and we never heard from him ever again. We should have been told about this problem/complaint, but we never were told. I went to Alside company and complained about the "whistling "in October 2013. The company did NOTHING-not one thing.

They said they would look at windows, make sure they were installed the right way and then call me; they did neither. We had siding done same. Siding is fine. The windows at the back of our house make an AWFUL "WHSTLING, LOUD" NOISE.

That's 4 windows I can't open or use!!. I wanted to open the windows on this nice spring day, but CAN'T because of the noise; even if windows are open as small as thumb width they make noise! Tried opening both sides-still that 'awful, whistling' noise. I hate the noise!!

We had all 4 windows open in October & couldn't hear TV!!I would not recommend these windows EVER!! With the noise and bad company customer service this company SUCKS!!!

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Without looking at it, I obviously can't say 100% certain. However, more than likely the problem is not the window.

I know you don't want to hear that. The problem more likely lies with the adheasive (caulk/ silicone) used when installing the window. If they used silicone on the exterior usually where the capping comes back and meets the vinyl frame of the window, and then it was tooled too thinly. That thing part of the bead of silicone doesn't adhere correctly if it's too thin, then it is flapping in the wind, acting like a reed or a piece of grass when wind blows across it.

It appears that all 4 of these windows are on the same side of the house, which tells me my thoughts are correct on this when the wind is blowing it's effecting that side, and not the others. The fix is to simply cut out the silicone that is currently there with a razor blade, and re-caulk it, however do not tool it as thin as it was before?

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