After speaking with the Warranty Department, I was informed that the crack in my window (Model 0971 - Casement) was not covered by the warranty, as the warranty does not cover breakage of glass.

The glass cracked however, on day when in Minneapolis it was -20 degrees and I believe there was a defect within the hermetically sealed insulation that failed. The window was only 2 1/2 years old.

I was told by a contractor that warranties from other window companies would cover this circumstance, but Alside did not. Will replace with another company. Their warranty is very poor.

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White Plains, New York, United States #814824

I pretty much knew after two windows that my contractor sold me a bill of good with Alside windows. In my opinion, they are substandard and if I knew what I knew now I would never have bought these knock offs.

They do not offer anywhere near the heat retention they claim. The furring seals often become misaligned after a few cleanings because they are cheaply attached to the window itself. Within 2 years I had 3 out of 15 windows I couldn't tilt in to clean because of that.

As for the 3 other windows that had the seals fail in February, Alside has yet to return several phone calls. I did send them all the pictures and forms they requested that i send them.

Alside's warranty isn't worth the paper it is printed on.


Same Problem here in Ohio. Bought Alside casement windows specifically to support local economy. Never again.

Bismarck, North Dakota, United States #802697

Im a contractor and I deal with Alside windows. I'm very impressed with the warranty that Alside offers.

You should always contact the contractor that installed the windows and not the warranty department. I offer a glass breakage package and my customers call me when there is a problem with the window.

I can get a replacement window sash from warranty from Alside. Alside stands behind there window and I highly recommend an Alside window, they are on top when it comes to the window industry!


We experienced a crack also, but have not yet been able to get a hold of Alside warranties to determine if it may be covered or not.

Clearly, if you are buying WINDOWS you want the entire WINDOW - including obviously the glass - to be covered. If the above is true, no one should buy Alside windows.

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