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I'm a contractor. Our company was founded in 1947.

Ami/alside began in 1947. I have help design windows and mfg windows in my very own plant. I have looked at most complaints on this site. Most of these complaints are unfounded.

Let me say why. Manufactures across the country take the same brutal internet beating that most of you are giving alside/ami. The perfect house that we all want will never happen. Most defects are hidden and covered by contractors.

Most contractors have no state lic no fed id and no permit. The perfect house has no windows no doors. No holes at all. But we choose to walk in and out and look out of our homes.

The building industry had to design windows and doors. The american architectural material association aka aama. Is the national certification for all windows mfg in america. Without this a mfg can not sell windows.

All windows. All of them are not perfect and never will be. Every window has air and moisture infiltration. Every window has the ability to have seal failures for many different reasons.

Most double hung windows are the easiest to repair and carry lifetime warranty. Most picture window fixed units send glass only. One gentleman complained on this site that he had to find someone to install glass his contractor wont do that. Really!!

Putty knife and tube of clear silicone. Most people will call the alside branch and not warrenty dept and open a claim. Also most contractors not all but most stay away from doing free help. Im waiting right now in a mans office to look for the number on his window.

Free labor!!! Now if you question my knowlage of ami. I didn't purchase 7 windows then go on internet to destroy jobs. Ive purchased and installed 15 thousand windows from alside.

I have as a contractor paid to replace sashes glass units and other parts. Most repairs i do i do my self. If i can not i pay a employee. Let me be clear.

At no point spending thousands of dollars fixing problems for windows i did not make. All at the cost of my family will not every make me happy. My complaints far out way any of your complints a 1000 percent. But i will continue to help home owners as it is the life i choose.

But i will never bash another company on the internet as i get bashed i the internet and wrongfully so 2 year ten years down the road we must look farther down the road and handle prouducts that have defects and not go on internet cause your contractor will pass the buck. Ami Warrenty dept phone number is 800 489 1144. Jump thru the hoops as i do for home owners and get it done and dont complain. Remember all windows are not perfect.

All windows are 80 percent glass and glass holds more cold and moisture then anything in your home.

So save american jobs and stay off the internet and get stuff done. God bless

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This is the stupidest post I have seen so far. Windows should be and can be low maintenance.

If this person thinks that we should buy American even though its terrible quality with terrible customer service, think again. This is why manufacturing is going overseas.


As a contractor.. Some people will just not be happy regardless of what you can do for them.

Or they will find something wrong with something. We need more positive reviews. So when someone install a window or door at your house and you like it spread the word. Somebody must like some of these products.

The companies are still in business. Make sure you do your homework on the contractor also it's really easy to blame the companies that are selling the products.

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