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Update by user Aug 17, 2014

Alside replaced all of the defected windows with no problem. I wanted to delete this info here but I guess it is out there forever.

We did have to pay for labor but they did replace the windows and the replaced windows seem fine so far. Their responsiveness was great and I am okay with them.

Original review posted by user Nov 25, 2011

Alside replaced two 6 X 6 ft window panes due to a clouding/filming defect and now the same thing is happening with 3 more windows. It appears that the glass e-panes are defective.

I am sure that I will need to replace all 10 by the time we are through. They have provided the glass but we are required to pay for the labor at $50.00 per window. DON"T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau.

The windows were originally installed in 2008 when we built our sunroom. Not sure if we should get a lawyer involved.

Review about: Alside Window Window.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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do you have a price breakdown on the windows purchased, I had 3 installed and 1 is fogging up - but the paperwork does not say what each window cost, anyone with info, please let me know. Thanks


What are you going to pursue? As long as Alside is supplying you with the parts they are not responsible for the labor, ss stated in their warranty.

Let me ask you this, What do you do when your car needs repairs when it is out of warranty? Do you hire a lawyer to go after the car company or do you pay to have it fixed.

Alside's warranty clearly states that within the first year they will pay for parts and labor and after the first year, parts only. Read your warranties people.


Don't feel alone Kayskid. We built a new house 4 years ago and have Revere Sovereign windows in it (they are the same as Alside, just a different name).

We have 43 total windows in the house and so far we have replaced 12 of them (yes, over 25%) due to Low-e breakdown (third pane installed incorrectly) or the seal failing.

These windows are absolute junk and I am sick about it.

I have already talked to an attorney and hope to meet again with him soon.


Are your windows near a swimming pool, the clorine will eat the sealant. That is somthing your contractor should catch not the supplier!

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