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I recently purchased 19 alside windows from a Denver Colo. contractor. he assured me that the windows were top of the line and were guaranteed not to leak. The first day after installing them it got cold outside and 17 out of 19 windows were leaking cold air into the...
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Full Steam

You describe an INSTALLATION issue, not a window issue. Did you check out the contractor references before hiring them? Sounds like a poor caulking and insulation procedure ar...

Builder in Denver installed windows in my HOME subdivision. Shortly some of them became foggy and the tape became moldy and deteriorating by the day. I called them six month ago, they send local rep, took measurements three times - all wrong. They finally have...
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Being a landlord, it's important to me to keep my properties in tip top shape, and keep my tenants happy. Two of my properties needed window replacements badly. I decided to go with Alside windows and a local company to replace all the windows in both properties. They...
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It really sounds like an installation issue with air infiltration complaints, majority of the time we find that is caused by poor installation, not quality of the windows. Bu...


Manufacturers do not warranty poor installation. Your anger with a company that makes windows is misplaced. You hired a contractor that does not stand behind their work, as ev...