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We bought 12 windows in 1999, and had them installed by U.S. Windows of Iowa. Over time, the springs would lose tension, and they had to keep coming out to tighten the springs so the upper half of the window didn't come down on it's own. Then we had one window that the inside pane cracked on it's own, and let the argon gas escape, and of course it then fogged up. I called U.S. Windows in Iowa and gave them the window ID so they could either fix... Read more

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We custom built our home in 2007. We chose Alside for our windows and sliding patio doors due to a recommendation by Parr Windows that we used for the supply and installation. Our sliding patio doors allow water into our home. We have a wood floor in our kitchen that has warped/cupped due to moisture damage. We also have water that comes in our basement patio door, but fortunately we have ceramic tile over concrete down there. The moisture draws... Read more

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They do not back their warranty. They claim siding warp is caused by window reflection. If you have a house with windows or your neighbor has windows, DO NOT BUY. Rude customer service. There are class action law suits against this company. They did not tell installers about the issues but, they have partnered with Window manufactures to sell you anti reflection screens for all your windows at a premium cost. This is a scam!! I urge you to... Read more

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I Have Alside windows in my 10 year old home, have now had 4 seal failures.....its obvious there must be problems with the design or materials... They want $95.00 an hour to fix the seals. I can understand if one seal goes but 4 seals is a bit much. In fact I had to have one window replaced after one year and the replaced window is now displaying a failed seal again. When I called in to talk about the warranty I was told it was only on defective... Read more

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Had Mezzo windows installed this summer, replaced some of the old Pella windows. 1st wind storm two days ago, and windows are making horrible noise, not blocking but magnifying sounds of howling wind. Rooms that still have old Pella windows are super quiet in comparison.

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My contractor suggested Alside,I never heard of them.i did not want vinyl panes..I purchased2 single windows( double panes) & 2 double hung. windows for up stairs of my home.I had a house fire 7-2013 & freaked out as firemen were pulling out my windows ,less than 2 yrs old..the firemen Asked ME about them as they were impressed ! I told them Alside . My contractor "Sensible Solutions,Mitch Herraro" made the call to Alside Co. They sent rep out... Read more

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Alside Window - Trying too get warranty I have 3windows seals bad warranty sucks
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Submitted Warranty Claim 01516922 to Alside with all required documents pictures, warranty tag ,filled out form and copy of home deed,I have 3 windows with bad seals in early June 2016 and it almost October 2016 with still no word about the replacement of these bad windows it would be less hassle to just go and buy new windows to replace these instead of getting the blow off slow walk . When you call and you get to talk to some *** in a... Read more

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Do not buy these windows! I had a house built in 2003 and for the first 10 years that's all I did was replace these because of the seal breaking in the windows fogging up. Now that I'm past 10 years I have to pay 50% of the replacement cost?DO NOT BUY THESE WINDOWS!!!

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Unbelievable! If you have a mechanical problem on your windows like the locks don't lock or the cranks don't crank or the latches don't latch, you have some hoops to jump through. Make a call to the Warranty Dept. They will send out to you a warranty packet. Send it back. It will be reviewed with 45 days! If the window doesn't latch, like mine does, just hope you don't get a pounding rain storm against the window. What kind of customer... Read more

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Several years ago, I purchased 10 Alside windows which I complained to the company (Albany, NY) and Consumer Fraud, Attorney General office and now i have to purchase 3 windows due to seal failure. One window is so badly stained you can hardly see outside clearly. The other two are developing black lines. Because the Albany office reported as a problem with condensation in my home, i was unable to get any satisfaction or attention to the... Read more

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