Alside Window Warranty a JOKE

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I am a contractor that sold 5 twin alside casement windows in 2001.These windows have leaked water for years and I constantly caulked and they still continued to leak water.

I squirt tested the windows and the water came in under the window and that usually is not a window problem but a caulk problem. So we caulked more. It only leaked of course when there was a strong hard rain against the window. Maybe twice a year, but that is to many.

I decided to tear out the drywall around the window and squirt test the windows. The water was coming in the center of the twin casements; this is called the mull. I ordered the windows factory mulled so obviously I would consider this to be a factory problem. The homeowner wanted to file the complaint so I had the Alside factory rep come out to see the problem, take pictures, and get the warranty complaint going.

The rep agreed the problem was the center mull. Leter came back to homeowner claim denied. No phone number, no address and no signiture on the leter. So I called and talked to an engineer.

He said it sounded like a mull problem so he sent me a new center mull strip and told me to take out the old strip, recaulk, and install the new strip they sent. Gave the part to the window installer and he said no way he was going to be responsible for removing a factory installed part.

Homeowner called the warranty department and they said claim denied, claim denied, claim denied.

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Mar 02, 2014 Albany, New York

send in for new slash, under the warrenty,follow their instructions and they came thru,never delivered the slash

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Nov 12, 2013

I have used their warranty few times due to glass developing spots, and cracked glass. Every time they provided excellent customer service, found my 12 year old order, and sent replacement part free of charge. Not sure what you are talking about...

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Nov 12, 2013

Your right I don't know what I am talking about. Why are you looking at pissed consumer. I think your on the wrong website or your an employee of Alside. Alside finally did replace all the windows free of charge because they were bad windows. But guess who got to put the windows in a second time for free... ME; the contractor. Guess who got to remove the bad windows for free; ME, the contractor. And guess who replaced the consumers carpet for free. Me, the contractor. And guess who will never ever use ALSIDE windows; ME, the contractor. I know nothing is perfect but no consumer should ever have to go through what my customer went through with Alsides Warranty department. It took them 2 years to finally do the right thing. I absolutely know what I am talking about.

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Mr Tracy P

Jan 01, 2014 Indianapolis, Indiana

I am the original owner of my Alside replacement windows which were installed 06-03. I filed a warranty claim because of an 8x10 section of the window developed spots between the panes, and the entire window, frame and all is only 14x20 slider. They sent me a Homeowner Parts Cost Estimate which stated that there would be a 50% prorated charge. As I understand the Lifetime Limited Warranty, the prorated schedule only applies to a subsequent owner, should I ever sell the house and transfer the warranty. Can you send me anything to help my claim?

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Former Alside Employee

Feb 16, 2013 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

To all the pissed off people presently reading this, I can explain all of the problems in one statement:

Over 75% of all the AMI 'Alside' employees, at least at the main (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) location, are foreigners. Mainly "Mexican", or from some other spanish speaking country.

And to date, I still haven't figured out why that is. I don't know if the temporary hiring company "Select Staffing" that Alside uses, has an illegal worker human trafficking ring, or what is going on. But they keep hiring Mexicans and other foreigners, not locals.

They workers they get don't even try to build a quality window. They just push them out as fast as they can, regardless of the issues that keep plaguing customers. They'll show Fernando or María how to do something once or twice, then make them do that as fast as they can if they don't screw up too badly. The end result is a production line full of people who can't build a decent window, not to mention the fact that they aren't even trying to in the first place.

On a sidenote: (Yes, it really does bother me.)

They keep routinely hire foreigners, a lot of them come over on illegal visas. They'll use up their own legal visa time, go back to Mexico, and come back on a family member's visa, using that name for the hiring paperwork. (I have witnessed that firsthand on numerous occasions. But nothing has ever been done about it.)

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Mar 16, 2013 Hampstead, New Hampshire

I have been dealing and installing alside building products for over 35yrs and the guy's in the northeast are the best!!!
Have we ever had issues or problems?? *** ya!! Bad runs of glass bad extrusions,you name it we have had issues with it at one time or another. But I must say they have always and I do mean always stood behind there products and furnished replacements and also the labor to go with it.I had a major issue with a 16 window job just last week and not only are the replacements being made as we speak,and the originals are being sent back to the quality dept. in Ohio for inspection. They are also reimbursing me for time spent trying to fix the problem. As for your post of hiring foreigners, that is exactly what i thought!!! The overall quality since the new corporation purchased Alside a little over a year ago, has been way less than what there standards were just a couple of years ago.I have been personally doing a lot extra to the windows to make them right for the customer and up to my standard.I have just submitted pic's to my sales rep and after looking at the pic's he agreed with me.Keep in mind a lot of the issues that are existing are cosmetic and don't hinder the performance of the window. I have been calling what i have been doing finishing the factory's job,and i don't get paid to do it. In sumation I would like to emphsize the fact that that the supplier has replaced all and any faulty product and reimbursed me for labor as well. To me the
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Mar 03, 2014

You are getting Alside to pay labor? Please tell me who to talk to Please. I spent $2,000 removing there faulty Alside windows, Installing there new window they sent the customer, & replacing the homeowners carpet because the old faulty windows leaked. My customer had to sign a release saying that Alside was not going to pay for any labor or damages due to there faulty windows. So if your customers are signing that form & your still getting Alside to pay your labor please tell me who to talk to. To be very honest with you I think your an Alside Employee.

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Nov 13, 2012

Brenda, just keep fighting. You are right they will and they are very good at the run around. I am a contractor & I tried to talk to them for my customer & they ignored me as well as my customer. Anyway my customer wrote a 3 page letter to the President, all the VP's, the warranty department, the local branch managers, & everyone he could find who was of Authority. He chose 13 people to write to.(Only 1 letter was written & sent that same letter to 13 people) He sent the letters Certified Mail, Regular Mail, & proof of mailing. Each person got 3 letters. He spent $60 in postage. The head service guy was at his home within a week. My customer asked me to be there and my customer screamed at him for 4 straight hours. It was really bad. Alside ended up replacing all the windows but guess who got to put the windows in for free the second time? Me the contractor. Alside would not pay for labor. My customer told the service guy he was going to go to the local branch and follow an installer who had a bunch of windows to install to the home where they were going to install windows and tell his story to the homeowner. My customer explained to Alside that he was not going to contact a lawyer because a lawyer would charge $5000 to take the case and if he did win he would not get his legal fees back. He told the service guy he was never going to keep quiet until he got all new windows. He did get all new windows.

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X 11/13/12, NC

Nov 13, 2012

Had 22 Alside Excalibur windows installed on 6/2004. Had an upper sash window seal fail this year. Filled out the on line form, took pictures of the window and sent it on 10/10 certified mail. Called the warranty department today (800-489-1144 option 2) and they stated that my window was shipped on 10/31. Just picked it up and installed it today. Only other problem I have had was with a window "weight" which they sent to me with no problems. If you get these windows save all of your paperwork (install date, installer info) and keep the labels on the window as you need these numbers.

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Steve Hampton NH

Nov 12, 2012

My father bought all new windows for his large cape cod home. He got the Alside Excalibur lowE argon windows. 17 out of 25 windows had seals that leaked and fogged up within a year. I had that happen in my own home...had no idea what it was until it happened to my fathers home. I thought my windows were just really dirty..turns out I have the same windows in my house! I got some replaced under warranty a couple of years ago...but more have fogged up due to bad seals between the panes of glass...I WOULD NEVER BUY ALSIDE IF I HAD THE CHOICE!!!!

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Aug 30, 2012

I had 11 Alside windows installed in my home 4 years ago and I have not had any problems with them.

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Mar 25, 2012

:x your an *** Ben. Seal failure only comes from poor crafstmanship not the install.

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Jan 05, 2012

In the Fall of 2010, we had many Alside window sets put in. When Spring came, we opened all but four of the windows 1/4 to 1/2 way. We never fully closed and locked the windows until late July/early August when the hurricane was due to come up the east coast. When we tried closing the casement windows they wouldn't close - they had sagged to such a point that even using a lot of force wouldn't get them to back into the frames. Initially, Alside indicated that the contractor was at fault however, the contractor had two experts look at several of the windows and stated to Alside that the windows were defectively made with at least some of the problem appearing to be that the glass inset was shimmed improperly. Giving Alside this information back in August and September & filling out a warranty claim form, we still don't have a written response from Alside nor do we have an explanation from Alside as to why these windows have failed.

Has anyone else had experience with Alside's casement windows including bow windows? I'm considering hiring a structural or civil engineer to look at the windows and report on their structural integrity which seems like something Alside should have done before they made these windows and certainly after they failed.

Has anyone pursued Alside legally for not honoring their casement window warranty?

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Aug 30, 2011

Had an Alside patio door installed in 1996 with lifetime warranty. Started getting moisture between panes and called Alside, they sent a form to fill out and wanted pictures. We filled out form sent pictures, no response. Called them, they would get back to me. This has been going on for 2 years!!! The last they told me was that I needed someone to come out and inspect the window and I would be responsible to pay someone to do this. Called the company they suggested and they wanted $125 to come out. Told them to forget it. I next sent a complaint to MN Atty Gen. Now the latest from Alstate is that their warranty only covers 50% and I have to pay the other half. Never in all my conversations with them have they ever told me that. They have always said that they would replace the door but that I was responsible for any additional materials needed and for the labor. Never any word about only covering 50%. They just seem to be very good at the run around. I even asked for them just to send me a check for the amount so I can buy my own door and not have to have one of theirs so I don't have to ever deal with them again. They told me that wasn't possible. My husband wants to just buy a door and be done with it, but to me it's the principal of it all. I feel that's what they are trying to do, make someone frustrated enough that they give up. Noone wants to be accountable anymore in this society. I can remember when " the customer was always right".

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Aug 18, 2011

Installation can be an issue. But how about their warranty service? I have been waiting for three months for a new lock for my window. The fact that it broke in the first place tells me the window is poor quality. Every time I call to ask where my new lock is, they said they sent it. THREE MONTHS AGO???? The fourth time I called they said they cancelled my order. They said they'd call me back when they figured out why that happened. I'm still waiting for a phone call back. Stay away from this company!

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Debbie D

Jun 23, 2011

I had Alside windows installed in my entire house about 10 years ago. Through the years, we had to have at least 6 windows replaced because of buildup inside the window due to a bad seal. They said I must have received a bad bunch since this should not have happened. I had no problem though, getting them replaced. Now, another window has the same problem. I was told they have a new procedure for handling warranty claims. I had to fill out paperwork and send photos which I has been way over a month. Every time I call to check on the status, they say they will call me back. I have left at least 3 messages with the same woman and never a return call. One person even told me if the other woman would not call be back that day, she would. I am still waiting. I wish I had not purchased alside windows now.They can at least make a quick call telling me they are still looking into it.

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Unhappy Consumer

Apr 26, 2011

These windows are ***. The 60 year old Andersen windows they replaced are better than these. They are so noisy I need to sleep with ear plugs! We got all double hungs and the top window won't even stay up. When they aren't open they need to be locked so they stay in place. What a joke. We had a cheap Menards window in one of our windows which was replaced by the Alside and the Menards window did just as good a job. Never buy Alside

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Bob W.

Apr 13, 2011

Installation CAN be an issue, but like many other posters wrote, Alside windows are a joke (along with their "tech guys" they send out to diagnose and try to fix the problems AND their "New, Improved" warranty process). I made the mistake of having Alside windows installed 6 years ago by my carpenter when I built my own house. Problems from day 1 off Alside's delivery truck! About 8 out of 16 windows had grids falling out between the two panes of glass. Nice! All casement and awning styles have either cracked, frosted/iced up glass on inside of house and lowE failures. Almost every pane of glass has been replaced since initial install due to manufacturer's defects. I currently have two more that have lowE failures. Can't wait for the next "run-around" in trying to have Alside honor their warranty. P.S. In the approximately 10 times their tech. guys were out to correct/adjust the problems, the windows still have frost build-up near the bulb seals in the winter. Garbage!

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Apr 10, 2011

We had a bunch of these windows installed 2 years ago and 3 of them have a build-up between the panes due to bad seals. The rep said we had to drive up to the factory and pick up replacements and then pay them to come down to replace them. *** poor business ethics. *** poor quality control. The installation did not cause the windows to have bad seals.

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Mar 28, 2011

i've sold revere windows for over 10 years. they are the exact same window as alside. made by ami, in the same plant, by the same people. i would not have these windows in my own house. there is a reason that a 3050 only costs 60 dollars. I spend more time fixing the windows i sell, than i do selling them. this last year was the worst with the tax credit going on. lead times and quality went way down hill. its just now, 3 months later starting to improve. yes i am having a bad day because of these windows and im venting. They backordered over 50 windows this week but the truck had all of window-worlds orders on it. *** ami, silverline just picked up my business.

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