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  • 1 day ago
  • Building Services
  • Prescott, Arizona
  • Alside Window Warranty Services
  • 18

My double hung windows wouldn't stay up also. Found that the pivot broke. I filed with Alside to repair the guaranteed windows. I filed in May 2014 and as of September, I had not heard anything from them other than the claim had been accepted. When I called them, they said they were sorry and shipped me the replacement part and told me to fix it myself. Also had one window with a seal leak... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Building Products
  • Troy, Michigan
  • 37

We had all of the windows in our home replaced with the assurance that there was a "Lifetime" warranty on all of them. What a joke,just after the first year we had a round window seal leak when the "Salesman" claimed the warranty didn't cover that and I told him I had the the phone number of a really good lawyer, he finally followed up and had the window replaced. Last winter one of the locking... Read more

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  • Sep 06
  • Installers
  • Windows Installation
  • 328

In 2001 we hired a contractor to install windows in our home. We decided on using the company and they installed our windows. Probably three or four months later I noticed that one of the windows had a crack in the pane of glass in between...nothing we could have done to the window. In the mean time we had problems with the company who installed the windows and that is a whole different story. ... Read more

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  • Aug 27
  • Building Services
  • Poynette, Wisconsin
  • Garden Window
  • 1
  • 1
  • 135

Several says ago I posted a complaint on ALSIDE WINDOWS GARDEN WINDOW and to this day have not heard from them or a representative of their company. Just what good is their WARRANTY any how. If they can not answer a complaint how do they expect to continue selling windows...Seems to me this comp any is a FRAUD from the get-go Can any one out there in the nether world help me? Will be looking... Read more

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  • Aug 22
  • Building Products
  • Garden Window
  • 1
  • 1
  • 312

We had a GARDEN WINDOW installed in our kitchen in February of 2001. Along with this installation we received a 'LIFETIME WARRANTY', which I believed to be a good and valuable warranty. After about a year we started to notice what appeared to be a stain on the outside of the glass, and tried to remove it. After several attempts to clean it up we tried to contact the company who installed it,... Read more

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We had a large window replaced in the front of the house. Condensation builds up because the seal was broken and water pours in the house when it rains heavily. Apparently this company doesn't care about their customers once a sale is made because nobody will take responsibility and fix this problem which has been going on for about a year now. Very disappointed. Add comment


  • Aug 08
  • Building Products
  • Berkley, Colorado
  • Defective Windows
  • 454

Me and wife after bought our first home went shopping for windows for out home. Allside offered great prices and said there product was as good as many of the other products on the market and said they have a lifetime warranty. Well offer about five years the glass got discoloured not water but like coating on the glass is oxidising. The company although it took two months replaced the windows.... Read more

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  • Aug 06
  • Building Products
  • Anderson, South Carolina
  • Windows Replacement
  • 137

I had two windows that were showing fog.I called the warranty departmen and gave them the info for new windows.I waited four 4 months before i heard from them. The windows they sent were the wrong size. I called them back and told them the exact size of the windows i needed. After two 2 more months i recieved the newer windows and guess what they were the same wrong size they sent the first time.... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Building Services
  • Window Warranty
  • 222

In April 2002, we had 20 Double Hung Windows installed in our home. I contacted Alside Warranty Service in May 2014 because 9 of the windows will not stay up. I receive a claims packet from them in early June 2014 which I completed, along with documentation that we are the buyers and current owners of the home. It is now August 2014 and I have not heard anything more from them. It has been at... Read more

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  • Jul 26
  • Building Products
  • Replacement Windows
  • 640

I am a contractor. I have been selling products from several large manufacturers including Alside for 30 years. We have sold 3 times as many of the other products, but our warranty calls for Alside windows is 10 times that of all the others combined. Mostly glass seal failures. When the Alside truck arrives, we have dozen's of sashes for service every week. We have only a handfull of sashes form... Read more

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